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3 Ply Brown Corrugated Box for Packing (13.25X7.5X6 inches) - Pack of 20 Boxes

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3 Ply Brown Corrugated Box for Packing (13.25X7.5X6 inches) - Pack of 20 Boxes
3 Ply Brown Corrugated Box for Packing (13.25X7.5X6 inches) - Pack of 20 Boxes Sale priceRs. 460.00 Regular priceRs. 799.00

Selecting the Right Corrugated Box

While corrugated and cardboard boxes are commonly mistaken for the same thing, they differ significantly in their structural composition. Cardboard is made of a single layer of either thick paper or heavy paper pulp, whereas corrugated boxes consist of layered materials, providing a lightweight yet durable construction that is versatile. Corrugated boxes are ideal for customized or bulk shipping, ensuring reliable transportation of goods across long distances or globally. In addition to shipping solutions, corrugated fiberboard finds applications in retail displays and packaging.

This guide aims to help you comprehend the various types of corrugated boxes offered by PackEazy, their construction, and how to make informed choices among them.


1. Single face

Single face boards are a preferred option for interior packaging, offering a balance between strength and other variations. These boards showcase exposed flutes with a corrugated medium adhered to a single liner board sheet.

2. Single wall

Single wall, also known as double face, represents the most prevalent type of board. It consists of two linerboard sheets with a corrugated medium sandwiched between them.

3. Double wall

Double wall, favored for its added protection when packaging delicate items, is comprised of three linerboard sheets with two layers of corrugated medium positioned between them.

4. Triple wall

Triple wall boards, designed for enhanced durability and resistance to pressure, impact, and bending, feature a triple-layered corrugated structure. Consisting of four linerboard sheets, these boards incorporate three corrugated mediums between each layer.

Parts Of Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated fiberboard comprises fluted paper adhered to a flat liner board layer, both made from container board. The board's strength depends on the number of liner board and fluted layers.

Flute Profiles

Corrugated board offers various flute profiles, each suited for specific applications based on size. Smaller profiles are suitable for structural aspects in retail packaging, while larger fluting provides excellent cushioning with superior vertical compression strength. Flutes are classified by structure and wave density, denoted by letters A, B, C, E, or F. The size decreases from A-flute, with C-flute commonly used in corrugated boxes due to its balanced characteristics.

Choosing Your Corrugated Box

Choosing the most suitable type of corrugated box for your specific needs can be challenging due to the extensive variety available.

When selecting a corrugated box, it's crucial to consider its intended purpose and anticipate how it will be handled during shipping and storage. Refer to the following details to assist you in making an informed decision.

Choosing the Right Strength

Corrugated boxes are known for their durability, and it is board strength that defines the strength level of a particular box. To calculate this strength, you can utilize the edge crush test or the fluting technique.

Choosing by Type & Application

Carefully assessing the intended application of a corrugated box is an excellent initial step in selecting the appropriate box type. The weight, size, and shape of your product are crucial factors in making this determination.

Choosing by Size

Selecting the right box size is crucial for shipping or using corrugated boxes in a retail setting. Packeazy Packaging provides a variety of box sizes to meet diverse dimensional needs. Browse by box size to promptly discover the ideal fit for your items.


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